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We are pleased to announce this year's

 Hall of Fame Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award Winner 2017:
George Dillman

Happy 81th birthday Professor!
December 19th, 2017
The Hall of Fame Foundation Class of 2017 is as follows:

Ray Goss~Chad Dulin~Paul Martin~Bruce Chiu

Associate Members: Sonia Waring~Michelle Ralston~Carmen Bailey

More pictures of our inductees are coming!




Congratulations to all!


Villanova Summer Camp  June  16th-17th, 2017 was a tremendous success!

"It ain't training if it's not raining..."

Hall of Fame Foundation Trustees:

GM Rene Tongston

Tom Bolden ~ Doug Pierre ~Bram Frank~Jerome Barber~Larry Rocha~Chas. Terry

~Frank Sheskosky~




This site is dedicated not only to the late Grandmaster, but to his many students who keep his memory alive to this very day. Before he passed, I asked him for permission to use his name for a Web Site. “Michael, you have it already.” In the spring of 1999, the Professor composed his last will at my home on my computer. He asked me to sign it as a witness. He was informed by his attorney that since I was in it, I could not be a witness. My wife Karen did. He had consulted with me as to who should be in or out. Again, without putting too fine a point on it, he turned to a trusted friend for input.   I believe I was his last promotion to my Lakan Apat in February of 2001. In May of 1997, in front of a seminar crowd of 56 people in Rutledge, PA.  the Grandmaster bestowed upon me the honorary title of "Professor". Over the dozens of seminars I promoted  and attended in the 80's~90's, and turn of the century, as well as the camps, the Professor told me "Michael, you teach like me".

To my knowledge, I am the only one ever given such an honorary title. Now that he is gone, it means more to me than ever.

Remy Presas Modern Arnis Training Camps

June 15th~18th 2017


Hall of Fame Foundation Trustee: Michael T. Bates

 This year we will be adding an exciting course in Okinawan Kobudo.

Kyoshi Gerry Senese & Kyoshi Peter Polander senior students of Taika Oyata, Founder RyuKyu Kempo

 Hall of Fame Foundation Benefit Luncheon Sat. June 17th~ $20-kids $15

St. Clare Hall, West Campus

Villanova Univ. Villanova, Pa.

 Modern Arnis has been in the USA for the better part of 40 years thanks to the tireless efforts of the late Grandmaster. I was honored to host not only his final camp in February 2001, but what was to be his last public seminar at Valley Forge Military Academy and College, where I was teaching Arnis at the time. He was in the process of "re-learning" his art. That is to say that the severity of his operation caused portions of his memory to fail him.  A cruel irony, but a challenge none the less. Although he tried to hide it, he was blind in his left eye too. GBM will do that to you. (a rare form of cancer).

The two weeks he spent here were productive. Although he contracted pneumonia on his long journey from Victoria, B.C. (spending 5 days in Riddle Memorial hospital) he was always looking to the future. He felt his life had been spared yet again. His concept for his IMAF Blackbelt Hall of Fame Foundation was to be unveiled on his 65th birthday December 19th 2001. “Michael can you put it together for me?” It was then I understood the main reason he came to Philadelphia. More on this as you read on.

Inductees to the Remy Presas Blackbelt Hall of Fame Foundation are announced on his birthday, December 19th each year. A minimum 20 years of Modern Arnis training is the single most important ticket to be considered for membership. In order to nominate a potential member, you must be present at summer camp. In 2014, 10 members of the Foundation voted unanimously to promote Tom Bolden to the honorary title of "Datu". This was supported  by no less than    Datu Bong Journales.  In 2015,  Doug Pierre was elevated. The Datu's and I voted to add Datu Bram Frank to our roll in June 2015.

I am particularly excited to host the 34th anniversary I.M.A.F. summer camp at Villanova University June 15th - 18th, 2017.  I value any and all input to help keep the late Professors mission alive. I think many will get a chuckle from some old photos on my Facebook page. Please join us regularly for updates on camps, seminars and other interesting information. As a scholar and citizen of the world, the late GM lived by a simple motto: “Crede quod habes et habes” (Believe that you have it and you do...)

Michael T. Bates, Class of 1989 N.I.W.
Sole Trustee, Remy Presas Hall of Fame Foundation