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Remy Presas Modern Arnis Hall of Fame Foundation
established ~ 2001

Board of Trustees~ est. 2017

70's through 2018

Primary Trustee: Michael T. Bates*

  • Datu Tom Bolden ~
  • Datu Doug Pierre ~
  • Datu Bram Frank~
  • Jerome Barber~
  • Larry Rocha ~
  • Chas.Terry* 
  • Frank Sheskosky~
  • *Named in Professor's will

Modern Arnis HoFF Summer Camp @Villanova Univ.

2018 is the 35th year of the Modern Arnis East Coast Summer Camp founded by the late Professor & Joe Breidenstine, as well as Dennis Tosten (both HoFF members) in  Philadelphia in 1983. Featuring the best in jujitsu, martial arts, modern arnis as well as karate.

Grandmaster Remy Presas 1936~2001

Dozens, if not hundreds of students from around the world made the pilgrimage to Victoria, B.C. to visit Professor in the final months of his life. Professor traveled to Philadelphia, 6 months before his un-timely death in 2001 to stay with Michael T. Bates, his senior advisor/student who was hosting what would be his final winter camp.

Professor stayed with Michael for 2 weeks to chart the future course of his Foundation. He was chosen to be its sole trustee.

To my amazement, 10 years after his passing, no one had a  FB page for the Professor. I changed that in 2011 with the 

FIRST &ONLY page for his dedicated to his "magnus opus"

H.o.F.F. Summer Camp @ Villanova June 22-24th 2018

Testing will be announced Friday

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Camp Training Hours

Friday: 9am 7pm

Saturday: 8:30am - 7pm

Sunday: 9-12pm