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The Remy Presas Blackbelt Hall of Fame Foundation was first envisioned  by the late Grandmaster in February of 2001. during his 2 week  stay with me. He planned  to unveil his "magnus opus" at his 65th birthday in  Philadelphia December 19th of 2001. He wanted me to organize his celebration as well as his HoFF policies and procedures. The Professor    

and I discussed several people he was considering at that time for induction. His first requirement was a minimum of 20 accredited years  in Modern Arnis. We talked about character, attitude, sincerity and effort.  Candidates must possess the highest standards of teaching, training, as well as service to the arts. As you may well know, the  late Grandmaster was one of the few to be chosen for induction into   Black belt magazine's Hall of Fame twice. It is important to note that  while the Professor designated me as  the sole trustee of the Hall of Fame Foundation, I have since added a permanent board of seven trustees  Additionally, I was included in the Professor's last will (which he  prepared in my home 3 years prior to his passing) Members will be granted the right to nominate  potential inductees after 1 year of probation. I have reserved the   right to make any and all final decisions. All Foundation business is   conducted at Villanova summer camp with members present. Hall of Fame Foundation members pay a nominal fee their first year of camp, plus room and  meals. After that, members pay only room and meals. Every member is    encouraged to "show what they know" teaching at camp. For 2017, we've    added an "associate" membership with 10 years experience.

After ten years of careful thought, I  decided to   carry out the Professor's final wishes. Candidates will be notified of    their award on the Grandmaster's 82nd birthday, December 19th.
             Hall of Fame awards will be presented at Villanova summer camp June  2018. Inductees will be honored Saturday afternoon after lunch and  before testing.  It is important to note the late   Professor wanted his signature used on any and all documents. So he would "not be forgotten" (see above)

If you wish to be heard, you  MUST be present at summer camp.

Please visit our HoFF section for a complete listing as  well as pictures as they are received.


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